The AZ Group led by AZ Holdings has subsidiaries engaged in editorial design, publishing and web design. Each of them leads design industry and creative scene in Japan. The AZ group desires to contribute to the field of information provision to make ordinary people’s lives richer, more beautiful and more creative. With this as the cooperate philosophy, the group is composed of AZ Holdings as the holding company and 4 business subsidiaries.

Company outline

  • Name
    AZ Holdings, Inc.
  • The headquarters
    21Arai Building, 1-20-6, Ebisu-minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022, Japan
    Tel : +81-3-5725-0111
    Fax : +81-3-5725-0112
  • AZ Paris
    22, Rue St-André des Arts, 75006 Paris, France
  • Founded 1971
  • Incorporated 1973
  • Capitals 85.1 million Japanese yen
  • Consolidated sales 2.52 billion Japanese yen
    (as of the end of March, 2013)
  • Directors
    YABUUCHI Koichi, Chairman of the Board of Directors
    KAWASAKI Eriko, Vice Chairman
    UEHARA Tetsuro, Executive President and CEO
    HASEGAWA Atsushi, Director
    TSUDA Hiroshi, Director
    TAISEI Miyazaki, Director
  • Corporate Advisers
    SUZUKI Seiichiro
    TANAKA Kouji

AboutnThe AZ Group

CONCENT Concent, Inc. is a design company providing a wide range of solutions, from corporate communications support to product development and service design. Concent is the home of certified experts who apply human-centered design processes to service design and user experience design problems.
BNN BNN is a publishing company to issue specialized books relating to design, computing, and craft. From the manufacturing point of view, BNN publishes learning books for readers needing expertise from professionals to amateurs.
FILMART Film Art is a publishing company to issue books on images and arts with a critical viewpoint. Pluralistic books are increasing recently to be connected to the society beyond genres. We are actively pursuing activities to encourage “art literacy education.”
kusakanmuri kusakanmuri, Inc. is managing a new style shop “kusakanmuri” in charge of selling white and green plants, general goods and books, and providing various creative lessons and events.
pivot PIVOT, Inc. is a company that produces and develops application software, web systems, and websites. Our mission is creating products that our user loves; to achieve this, we certify the plans and designs we create proficiently solve the issues of our customers and have good user interfaces.
amu amu is a multipurpose creative space in Tokyo operated by AZ Group. Aiming at “EDIT×DESIGN ability for all people,” it organizes projects, events and development of own media open to all people.
* EDIT×DESIGN is a concept to make the meaning of conventional editing and design more public and openly expanded. EDIT×DESIGN is defined as organizing information, discovering “The unknown” , connecting “The variants” , transforming knowledge into wisdom and designing one’ s thoughts.


Launched Group Den, an editorial design company.


Changed company name to Aleph Zero, Inc.


Established Concent, Inc. focusing on web design business.


BNN, Inc., a publisher of design and computing books, joined the AZ Group.

AZ Holdings has become the group's holding company.
Renamed Aleph Zero Group to AZ Group.


Film Art, Inc., a publisher of movie and art-related books, joined AZ Group.


Relocated the office of AZ Holdings, Inc., Aleph Zero, Inc., BNN, Inc., and Film Art, Inc. in Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

Established "AZ Paris"as a branch office in Paris, France.

Opened a multipurpose creative space "amu" for seminars, workshops, and events organized by AZ Group.


Concent, Inc. merged with Aleph Zero, Inc. The name of the surviving company Aleph Zero, Inc. was changed to Concent, Inc.

Established kusakanmuri, Inc.
Opened a new style flower shop “kusakanmuri” in Ebisu, Shibuya Ward.


Opened a multipurpose creative space "amu KYOTO" for seminars, workshops, and events organized by AZ Group.

PIVOT, Inc., joined AZ Group.